All coach pitch games will be located at the Hayfield pool field, unless notified otherwise.



Tiger Coolidge

Kamdyn Erath

Maveryk Erath

Natalie Fjerstad

Ryan Nelson

Jose Ortiz

Logan Swygman

Willi Ulland

Evelyn Winfield

Chapel Young


Shay Buer

Lexie Hinsch

Henrik Kuster

Hunter Mickelson

CJ Miller

Nolan Pack

Seth Pack

Gisele Ruvalcaba

Kalei Tank


Charlie Criddle 

Meredith Faulhaber

Liam Fish

Landon Hanson

Seth Masching

Addison Rieck

Westley Rouhoff

Blake Tapp

Kaiden Wagner

Mason Woslager




Tuesday June 5th

PICTURE DAY! - Forms will be handed out at school along with game schedules.

6pm: Orange vs. Green

7:15pm: Orange vs Blue

Thursday June 7th

1pm: Green vs. Blue

2:15pm Green vs. Orange

Tuesday June 12th

6pm: Blue vs. Orange

7:15pm: Blue vs. Green

Thursday June 14th

1pm: Orange vs. Blue

2:15pm: Orange vs. Green

Tuesday June 19th

6pm: Green vs. Orange

7:15pm: Green vs. Blue

Thursday June 21st

1pm: Blue vs. Green

2:15pm: Blue vs. Orange

Tuesday June 26th

6pm: Orange vs. Green

7:15pm: Orange vs. Blue

Thursday June 30th

No Coach pitch July 2nd-July 6th DUE TO 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY!!

Tuesday July 10th

6pm: Green vs. Blue

7:15pm: Green vs. Orange

Thursday July 12th

1pm: Blue vs. Orange

2:15pm: Blue vs. Green

Tuesday July 17th

6pm: Orange vs. Green

7:15pm: Orange vs. Blue

Thursday July 19th

1pm: Green vs. Blue

2:15pm: Green vs. Orange

Tuesday July 26th LAST GAMES! 

6pm: Blue vs. Orange

7:15pm: Blue vs. Green

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